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Audio production, engineering, sound recording, post production & mastering

Derek Paravicini's Echoes of The Sounds to Be [web] [cdbaby] [iTunes] [Amazon]

University of London Chamber Choir (ULCC) Simple Pictures [web] [cdbaby] [Amazon]

Pat Lloyd Let's All Listen [web] [Amazon]

PBS (With Bobby McFerrin and Daniel Levitin) The Music Instinct [PBS] [Amazon] [NY Times Filmography]

The Lullabies of Europe Lullabies from the Cradle [web]

Vanessa-Mae The Making of Me [BBC]

Meet the Musical Genius Derek Paravicini [Discovery Channel]

Book Design, Layout, Photography, Typesetting

Tiija Rinta Four Sides to the Core [Lulu] [Amazon]

HEDP Teaching About the Holocaust in English Secondary Schools: An empirical study of national trends, perspectives and practice [web]

Adam Ockelford Applied Musicology: Using Zygonic Theory to Inform Music Education, Therapy, and Psychology Research [Amazon]

Adam Ockelford Music for Children and Young People with Complex Needs (Oxford Music Education) [Amazon]

Adam Ockelford Focus on Music: Exploring the Musical Interests and Abilities of Blind and Partially-sighted Children and Young People with Septo-optic Dysplasia (Issues in Practice) [Amazon]

Graham F Welch, Jo Saunders, Evangelos Himonides European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO): An initial benchmarking study of Education, Learning and Participation [Amazon]

Matthew Shipton and Evangelos Himonides Proceedings: SEMPRE Conference 'Striking a Chord': Music Health and Wellbeing: a Conference Exploring Current Developments in Research and Practice [Amazon]

Graham Welch, Evangelos Himonides, et al Researching the Impact of the National Singing Programme 'Sing Up' in England: Main Findings from the First Three Years (2007-2010) [Amazon]

Evangelos Himonides, Jo Saunders, Ioulia Papageorgi and Graham Welch Researching Sing Up's Workforce Development: Main Findings from the First Three Years (2007-2010) [Amazon]

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